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Are you looking to protect your table top, to create a marble imitation countertop or an ocean scenery on your cutting boards? Well, say no more, we have what you need! The SQUID-SEAL is a frustration free resin that can be used by everybody (except maybe your baby).


  • PROTECT YOUR PROJECTS - A thin 1/16-inch pour of our resin will allow you to keep your goods in a great shape for much longer. The UV resistant additives added in the resin will help resist the yellowing.

  • CREATE THE NICEST OCEAN WAVES - Its high viscosity will help you create beautiful laces and cells easily. The resin doesn't move too quickly because it is thicker than most resins.

  • FOR BEGINNERS OR EXPERTS - Our 1:1 resin formulation is extremely easy to use, just mix equal parts of both components, mix thoroughly and you're ready to go. Each kits also come with a detailed instruction sheet.

  • DO MORE, CREATE MORE - Your working time will be approximately 20 minutes and the curing time is 8 hours. It's less than a day! You could be doing so much more projects!

  • EVERYONE IS SAFE - No VOC's and food safe when properly cured. The application is also home safe if you work in a well ventilated area.




Mix Ratio 1:1
Max Pour Thickness 1/16 inches
Coverage 1/2 square feet per ounces at 1/16 inch thick (ex: 12 sq. ft for a 24 oz kit)
Work time 20 minutes
Cure Time 8 hours
Working Temperature 20°C / 68°F
Viscosity High
Pair well with pigments? Yes

*Use our calculator to find out exactly how much resin you would need to complete your project.


Start by mixing a 1:1 ratio of 1 part A resin to 1 part B hardener curing agent into a plastic measuring container, then add colorant or metallic mixing powder to the mix (if applicable). Mix the contents for a MINIMUM of 3 to 4 minutes thoroughly and slowly and when ready pour over the cleaned and prepared surface slowly to help reduce creating any air bubbles. The working time is 20 minutes approximately at 68 degree Fahrenheit , giving you enough time to properly pour the resin and properly seal the surface. This resin is ideally poured no more than 1/16 of an inch and is ideally used for crystal clear finishes. In ideal lab temperatures this resin cures in 8 hours.



- Use at room temperature or slightly warmer
- Use a heat gun to remove any bubbles
- Wear gloves
- Work in a well ventilated area
- Use it with our Ocean pigments to create ocean waves and beaches
- Keep container tightly sealed and away from heat and cold for storage


✅ BAR-TOP seal coat
✅ TABLE-TOP seal coats for restaurant owners
✅ DIY Epoxy Resin Wood Table
✅ Resin Wood Art
✅ Crafters and Artists to seal canvas and paint projects
✅ Colored Epoxy Resin Project
✅ Crystal Clear Resin thin sealing Pours
✅ Art Projects

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