C-Channel Hardware Packs



*These C-Channel Packs include:
10units of M6 Threaded Inserts + 10units of 25mm Black Flathead Bolts*
Requirement of Hardware PER C-Channel
20" = 3 x M6 Threaded Inserts+ 3 x 25mm M6 Bolt
31" = 4 x M6 Threaded Inserts+ 4 x 25mm M6 Bolt
35" = 5 x M6 Threaded Inserts + 5 x 25mm M6 Bolt
40" = 5 x M6 Threaded Inserts+ 5 x 25mm M6 Bolt
52" = 7 x M6 Threaded Inserts + 7 x 25mm M6 Bolt
64" = 8 x M6 Threaded Inserts + 8 x 25mmM6 Bolt
          This is the link to purchase; Rampa Inserts & Bolts (conceptthirteen.ca)
We have manufactured our own C-Channel using high strength steel,
This is achieved by using flat bar that is then folded into the C shape. 
Slots are laser cut into the channel at a length of 1 3/4" per slot,
This is to allow a large amount of expansion and contraction. 
The channel comes in lengths of 31", 35", 40", 64". If you are require a size that does not match up to any of these you can easily cut them to length using a metal saw.
This is something that we do regularly as our live edge tables come in every size you can imagine. 
The channel has been powder coated black to give a hard wearing finish. 
Total Width - 2''
Total Depth -1''
Wing Depth - 3/4''

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