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CHILL DROP OPAQUE is a highly concentrated colour pigment. Completely compatible with all the products of our CHILL
EPOXY line. Strong colours will be achieved by using gradually between 0.0250% up to 5% in weight/volume in the
mixture A/B until you reach the desired colour.
This pigment meets the European RoHS standard.


- For use with CHILL EPOXY TM liquid resins.

- Meets the RoHS standard

- Medium viscosity

- Highly concentrated pigments

- Easy use to obtain opaque colours

- 100 % solid reactive pigments

- Vast selection of bright colours: white, light blue, dark blue,
brown, light grey, medium grey, dark grey, yellow, purple,
mustard, black, orange, red, sand, green, Violet.

For use with our CHILL EPOXY TM liquid resins.
Store CHILL DROP OPAQUE on a shelf (do not store directly on the floor) @ 22 °C with relative humidity less than 60%.