DIY Epoxy Kits 12” x 24

$207 $301


*$100.00 in Savings*
This kit is a great gift for a beginner or advanced hobbyist.
Kit includes the follow items:
-One Box of 1.5 Gallon Ryver R-Fast Epoxy - Price $114.95
-12 x 24 Inch Vac Form - Price $120.00
-Collection of 15 Aurora Pigments - Price $33.00
-Grand Finish Hardwax Oil 236mL - Price $25.00
- Three Sets of Lumber: Two Walnut and One Surprise Species - Price $75.00
-Mixing Cup 2.37L - Price $3.49
-White Applicator Pad - Price $2.50
-Mixing Stick - Price $1.00

Regular Price $375.00CAN

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