GRAND Wood Finishes - Clear Hard Wax Oli

Size: 236mL (8oz)


Grand Finishing Systems' original Hardwax Oil is a single component protective finish for wood surfaces. Combining the best of both oils and waxes in one, Hardwax Oil cuts down on total finishing time and will have your project ready to use faster than a traditional oil finish. This high quality finish is easy to repair, and convenient to use.

This product is:

  • Free from any petroleum ingredients
  • For use on furniture, flooring, and other interior surfaces
  • Excellent for highlighting the natural warmth of wood
  • Excellent for finishing hardwoods

Product Data Sheet

HARDWAX OIL Grand Finishing System’s Hardwax Oil is a single component protective finish for wood surfaces. Combining the best of both oils and waxes in one, Hardwax Oil cuts down on total finishing time and will have your project ready for use faster than a traditional oil finish. Eliminate the need for many coats of oil, without sacrificing the warmth of the wood’s character. Hardwax Oil is a high-quality finish, easy to repair, and convenient to use.

PRODUCT USE For the finishing of furniture, flooring, and other wood surfaces where the integrity of the wood’s warmth and natural character is important. It is always recommended to test the product and application procedure be-forehand on a piece of the same material, or in an inconspicuous place, to verify the desired finish. No two pieces of wood are alike, and the same oil may generate different results depending on wood species and porosity.

SURFACE PREPARATION The surface should be dry and free from dust, grease, or other surface contaminants/residues. Cleaning should take place before abrasive cleaning, such as sanding, because contaminants can be driven further into porous surfaces. Previously oiled surfaces should be cleaned and lightly sanded with 150-220 grit or equivalent. New surfaces should be cleaned sanded to a smooth surface with a finish grit of 150-220 or equivalent. For surfaces previously finished with anything other than an oil finish, the surface should be stripped and sanded back to expose fresh wood, with a final finish of 150-220 grit or equivalent. All sanding dust should be removed prior to application.

APPLICATION Mix-thoroughly to ensure all components are fully incorporated. Apply a liberal amount over the surface by brush, roller, clean lint-free cloth, or plastic trowel. Buff into the surface with a finishing pad, lint-free cloth, or grade 0000 steel wool. Allow the oils to penetrate the wood for 10-15 minutes. Use a lint free cloth to remove excess product on the surface and buff dry. Allow the oil to dry for 12-24 hours before starting the second coat. The second coat should be applied in the same method as the first.

CURE/DRYING The expected drying time after application is 12- 24 hours to touch, 36-48 hours to light use, and up to 7 days for cure. Allow up to 21 days before cleaning with liquids for the first time, while the product is dry it may still be building its full strength. Environmental conditions will influence the times described above. Warmer, dry conditions and UV exposure will accelerate the product’s cure time, while cool, humid conditions will increase the drying time.

MAINTENANCE For regular maintenance use an oil wood cleaner to both clean and refresh the surface. If the surface experiences excessive wear over time you may apply an additional maintenance coat to the affected area. The area to be repaired should be clean, dry, and free of contaminants, but it does not need to be sanded back to the original wood.

TYPICAL PROPERTIES Specific Gravity Approx. 0.95 Dry Time 12-24 hours Time to light use 36-48 hours Cure 7 days Full Cure 21 days.

CLEAN-UP & DISPOSAL Hardwax Oil contains linseed and other drying oils that may generate heat while drying, with inadequate ventilation or airflow, rags saturated with the oil may cause spontaneous combustion when the heat gets trapped. Make sure to either place rags in a metal container filled with water or lay rags flat on a non-combustible surface to allow complete drying prior to disposal. Make sure to follow local regulations when disposing of all used equipment and product.

STORAGE Store in a cool, dry location, away from sources of heat. The shelf-life is up to 24 months in the original unopened contain-er when stored between 10-30°C in the conditions described above.

WARRANTY Grand Finishing Systems stands by the quality of the material in the can; however, we are not able to verify the use case, application conditions, or quality of the surface to be treated. Any liability, expressed or otherwise, is strictly limited to the value of the product. All technical information is presented in good faith and is accurate to the best of our knowledge. PACKAGING Hardwax Oil is available in cans of 236 ml, 472 ml, and 944 ml.

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