Vac Form Rectangular

Size: 4.25” x 24.75” x 2” Coaster
$56 $80


These Vacuumed Formed Reusable NO SEAL FORMS designed with the DIY’er and Weekend Warrior in mind, they are very affordable for someone just starting off in the epoxy world. 

These Forms are made with a single piece of 1/4” HDPE making it very flexible (sides may not perfectly straight when unboxed, can be straighten out by hand) the sides are 3 “ high and never require sealant. 

Simply tap the inside of the sides, turn the form over and tap the back with a mallet and watch your creation pop out of the mold. The sides are fabricated at a 1 degree to allow your project to drop out.

Clamps and HDPE blocks not included

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