R-Epoxy UV – Countertop

Size: 2 Gallon


R-EPOXY UV is ideal for countertop, knot repairs in wood and any small artistic projects).
It has a very glossy finish and enhances woodgrain. Maximum 1⁄4" per layer. EASY MIXING RATIO 1A:1B 

R-EPOXY UV is a faster curing epoxy (12h) than R-Cast 2.0.

A popular application of R-EPOXY UV is to seal pieces of wood before using the R-CAST. This helps reduce bubbles inside the epoxy. The application can be done using a brush or a roller.

Application techniques to seal the wood before a river table pour (to avoid bubbles due to the humidity of the wood).

  • CHEMICAL ADHESION: To allow maximum adhesion, we recommend sealing the parts with R-EPOXY and when the R-EPOXY seal layer is tacky, to pour the R-CAST
  • MECHANICAL ADHESION: When the R-EPOXY is dry (more than 12 hours), we recommend lightly sanding the sealing layer. This way, you will get better adhesion between R-EPOXY and R-Cast.


  • Seal and repair knots and cracks in the wood.
  • Top coat application to strengthen and enhance the wood.
  • Enhance the chandelier, such as canvas and crafts.
  • Design of objects and jewelry.

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