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Epoxy Coffee Table Course

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Length of Course is approximately 8 Hours.

Skill Level is for Beginner

This is course is designed to have any individual at any skill level come into our workshop and be able to use our tools and space and create a Coffee Table. The completed Coffee Table will be a maximum size of 24”x48”. The construction of the table will include the following: Cutting and prepping of wood, mixing and pour of Epoxy, cutting and sanding, application of finish and installation of legs. Students are welcome to participate alone or with one additional individual.

We strive to create an environment that is fun, relaxing and educational. We have all safety protocols in  place and adhere to all Covid-19 Municipal guidelines.

The Products and Equipment that will be used during the duration of the course are:

  • -Wood Species include Canadian Black Walnut, Maple and Cherry
  • -Festool Sander and SawStop
  • -Hand tools
  • -Epoxy and Pigment
  • -Exotherm No Seal Forms, blocks and dividers
  • -Tover Finish
  • -16-inch black hairpin legs                                                                     *Products subject to change and based on availability.

The course is broken down into two separate days which will allow the epoxy to fully harden.

Each day will consist of the following;

Day One

  • Walk through of shop and explanation of different wood species, wood dimensions and use.
  • Explanation of shop equipment, use and safety.
  • Discussion of workshop safety and protocols.
  • Selection of wood for project.
  • Preparation of wood and placement.
  • Epoxy pigment selection, mixing and pouring of epoxy.
  • Explanation of epoxy curing process.
  • Reserved time for woodworking Q&A.

Demolding and Flattening of the table will take place by our staff between the First and Second Class.

Day Two

  • -Cutting and Sanding of piece
  • -Table will be completely sanded stating from a 300 grit paper down to a 500 grit.
  • -Application of Furniture Finish.
  • -Installation of Table Legs.
  • Reserved time for woodworking Q&A.

We love hosting our students and sharing our workshop, it is a joy to see individuals enjoy woodworking! We hope that you will join us and create something beautiful while learning a new skill.

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